Charity Platform - Filanthropia Extraordinaria

Feebee’s charity platform, which call Filanthropia Extraodinaria, allows for any person to create a specific philanthropic project. Via Feebee, they then can connect with a business to sponsor the project and have it offered to the public for funding support.

The sponsoring businesses will provide oversight to protect the project’s integrity. Since Feebee is also a shopping portal, each person shopping on Feebee will earn charity points from purchases that may be designated to support a chosen philanthropic project. Even a few cents can be given to help a project get to its target funding amount. Once fully funded, a project will start to completion and can be documented with commentary, pictures and video for history and inspiration.

Our vision is to see families and groups get together and decide what projects to support (anywhere in the world) and watch these projects unfold. How does this happen? Other families or groups -- or individuals -- may want to join in on your project; or conversely, you may see a charity on Feebee that strikes a chord with you. Monitor the project together and see the work being done, or gift given, in real time. See projects that businesses in your area are supporting to make your community better.

We believe that people want to give and make a difference. The Feebee charity platform, Filanthropia Extraodinaria, will give the opportunity to know where your money goes and what it accomplished. The ultimate use will be for you to create your own project and help make the world a better place for all of us.

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