Our Mission

Feebee is a worldwide marketing platform for the largest and smallest of businesses as well as consumers. Our Mission will use our unique global position to help all of humankind and strive to create projects on all scales that tackle issues governments cannot address. Feebee has no political stance or agenda, and is an organization of complete neutrality.

The Advisory Boards of Feebee - Philanthropy, Financial, Technical & Business

This group of exceptional individuals will have the unique opportunity to help shape the direction of Feebee’s Charity Vision. Feebee is committed to allocating up to 90% of revenue back to communities, worldwide, to support projects initiated on our charity platform. It is our mission to create positive change in the world and our diverse boards will use their unique experience(s) and talents to lead this movement forward. Each person supporting Feebee will be supporting themselves, their communities and humankind everywhere.

What we are.....

We want to make the world a better place, and our strategy has several components:
Helping businesses and individuals succeed, make and save money
Spreading goodwill and positive change throughout the world, touching as many lives as possible
Providing an easy system to encourage businesses and individuals to become active in philanthropy


Increased revenue, acquired customers and market share; things that every business looks for, and must have to be healthy and profitable. Feebee helps businesses - of any size - accomplish these goals easily and affordably.

Feebee’s multi-national marketing platform is designed to permanently connect businesses, and their employees, to consumers around our globe. A groundbreaking invitation-marketing system, Feebee makes these connections possible by offering businesses multiple ways to reach out to their targeted markets. These connections then pave the way to reach goals the business has established, and may actually motivate the business to establish new goals, including philanthropy. Use of our Keyword Ownership by an auction system will allow businesses to own a keyword with 80% of the proceeds going to charities. These owned keywords can then be resold, leased or used in co-marketing campaigns with companies worldwide.

Our strategy includes setting a philanthropic tone by creating a portal for businesses and individuals to go beyond their financial goals and become benevolent citizens. Through our soon-to-launch charity platform, SmileMiles, Feebee provides the opportunity for anyone to become a leader in philanthropy. It’s a system where anyone can launch a charity project of any size, anywhere, to affect positive changes in communities everywhere. The system will make it simple for any person to be part of the little changes that can help less fortunate citizens regardless of their locale, age, race or nationality.

The combination of a point system, corporate oversight and a desire to make a difference will allow any business or person to develop a project and have others support it with ease. In this way we can spark a revolution of global goodwill.

With SmileMiles as the mechanism for Feebee participants to support global and local charities, businesses will be expected to help oversee each project to completion, and, get the long-term credit for doing so. We at Feebee cannot alone change the world but we can connect us together globally to each do our part.

What we promise....

Everyday, we experience positive interactions in the marketplace. So we’ve instituted a “Positive Shows/Negative Goes” ratings system designed to reward employees for outstanding work. Did the wait staff at the Hard Rock go above and beyond to accommodate you? Did the associate at Target provide you with excellent customer service? Feebee has made it simple for you to reach out with your smartphone to employers to praise their staff. Both employee and employer receive the information. Why? Because we know a kind word goes a long way. We see it as creating opportunities to express a job well done in a lasting and, therefore, more meaningful, way. The “SmileHighway” is the place where these positive comments live forever, building an employee’s positive work history. These encouraging reviews boost attitudes around the workplace and beyond, and the domino effect of positivity and happiness is set in motion. Any negative comments are not made public but are between the employee and employer so they can work on an improvement plan.

Why it’s important and what you can do to help…

The internet is a wonderful tool that we are all continuing to learn to use as it grows and advances. Brilliant people everyday are creating new apps and programs to make life easier, simpler and quicker. We can now connect with anyone worldwide in seconds and the opportunities to learn are boundless.

There are some downsides to this wonderful adventure of information availability. Many traditional industries and their jobs are getting left behind. We hope that the age of fast-changing technology will be used only to help businesses and industries everywhere, because we all need jobs to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Our goal is to help support industries through this exciting time to preserve, and perhaps add, as many jobs as possible.

To help us get started, simply make someone smile by giving a deserving person a positive review and we will all start our journey together down the Smile Highway.

Thanks from Feebee

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