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Start Today! Why Join?

Every businesses advertises. The internet has changed how businesses and customers interact. Feebee is set to become the central business search tool that will permanently connect consumers to local businesses effectively and easily.

  • Easy to understand search results for customers
  • Keywords - Feebee Keywords. These unique codes connect new accounts permanently to your advertising. It also is used as a Search Keyword, so it allows your Business to show on Search Results, regardless of the Search Location.
  • Each new account must enter a Keyword to join. This ensures a business is featured to the new account.
  • Nearby feature allows for co-marketing with neighboring businesses. This adds value even to an un-rented space in a plaza.
  • Create, control and sell deals now.
  • Add Employees to build a creative referral marketing program.
  • Realtime Reporting and analysis.
  • Take control of internet marketing and advertising.
  • Free 30-day trial. Low cost subscriptions available.

Take advantage of the permanent advertising gained by selecting a Keyword and inviting customers into Feebee today.

Honor Code

Customers search results will be shown in relation to the search address entered. The number of results will be limited by the search radius.

  • Each business account may have one address only - unless they have seperate branches in other locations
  • Must be legal address of record
  • Illegal businesses will be removed immediately and could result in loss of all associated business accounts
  • Search keywords are important to search results
  • Keywords are used as search Keywords that allow your Business to show up in search results, regardless of the location

Plans & Pricing


Control the search market by owning a Keywords for your Business.
Easy tracking of sales marketing with Campaign Keywords. Learn More


Permanent Advertisement - Those you invite will always see your Ads. For the life of their account!
Easily control ads - Delete or Duplicate ads to put them in different areas of our site.
No spam ads - only your Ads will show on your Business Profile! Learn More


Find out how your Business is doing from your Customers:
Positive Shows / Negative Goes Review System
Negative reviews are hidden! Only management will see complaints.
Positive reviews post on your Business Profile for your business & employees
Customers can instantly motivate your employees with permanent praise or let mangement know if they have a problem instantly! Learn More

The Smile Highway

Make a difference in the world with kindness. Get your SmileMarker now! Learn More


Post Deals. Using your own Merchant Account, receive your funds faster than ever!
Low fixed rate! We only charge you 7% after you receive the money, and 2% of that is given back to your loyal customers! Learn More


Create contests and give incentives to those that help spread the word. Each contestant entering your contest becomes your Permanent Audience. Learn More

Pharmacy Card

Make your Business Card more valuable by Printing our FeebeeRX prescriptions discount card on the back of it!
Customers will keep your business cards forever in their wallets! Learn More


Post Job offers & remain anonymous or provide information about your Business using custom Job Headers.
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