Invitation Asset Program

Earn money with Feebee, its Free and Easy!

  • Capture as many Shopper and Business Accounts as your creativity will allow. These are assets with long term value that may be sold or used to generate revenue.
  • Feebee assets have a value and can be leased, bought or sold, creating exciting opportunities that heavily favor the early adopters who capture a large number of accounts simply by being creative and early.

Apply to become an Agent - Earn Revenue by inviting Businesses. - 30% commissions with Bonuses for Corporate or Success Agents
Become an Agent Now

Become an Agent for Free or Add your Business Now

Capture any Account Worldwide with your Unique Code

When Businesses join with your Unique Code:

  • You earn a recurring 30% commission on the monthly subscription plan.
  • Earn a commission from any business worldwide joining with your code.
  • You own the advertisement spot on their home page forever. Show your marketing or lease the space to others for more revenue.

Shoppers joining with your Unique Code:

  • See your ad on their homepage for the rest of their lives. Market your products or services every day for years to come.
  • No extra cost whether you capture one shopper account or one million permanent shopper accounts.
  • Show your products or services to these shoppers every day OR lease this space to others for extra revenue.

8 billion people & 200 million businesses

Every business will generate a payable commission monthly. How many of these commissions do you want?

Every person will be joining with a code and see a business forever. How many of these shoppers could you handle?

Every new account joining must enter a code manually at signup or be brought to Feebee through marketing. This could include contests, deals, reviews of employees, favoriting of your business or more. A code could be your unique business/agent account number, name, phone number or a keyword.

USA Premium Plan $199.99/month

- Revenue earned monthly by an agent or business for inviting businesses. Subscription plans adjusted by country to keep affordable.

  • 100 premium businesses
    x $199.99 x 30% = $5,999.70
  • 1000 premium businesses
    x $199.99 x 30% = $59,997.00
  • 10,000 premium businesses
    x $199.99 x 30% = $599,970.00
Earn Money through Feebee

  Permanently Owned Advertisement Space on Home Page

What is the value if everyday your advertisement is seen by:

  • 100 shoppers - Change ads daily
  • 10,000 shoppers - Lease the space
  • 1,000,000 shoppers - Sell these accounts

Your Unique Code is attached to your Contests and Deals

New shoppers or businesses buying your deal or entering your contest are joining with your code wherever they are in the world.

A contest with an excellent prize can be entered by a single person who wants and earns extra tickets by sharing on their social media. Friends all over the world then join and share again to go viral.

There will be a contest with a prize so amazing that it will instantly go viral and capture millions worldwide. Be creative and become the business that captures half the world now.

Enter Keyword Auction Contests

What are Keywords and Why are they so Powerful?

A Keyword is search word that can be owned on Feebee. The keyword is attached to your business allowing it to show in every search worldwide when that search word is used.

Example: "hotel" and "economico" Each are auctioned to the following winners:
"hotel" won by Marriott
"economico" won by JetBlue

A shopper searches for "economico hotel" in Paris and will see local search results matching the two search words. Two additional Keyword results will show JetBlue and Marriott. This will be repeated in any similar search worldwide forever at no additional cost once the keyword is owned.

Keywords can be in any language and will be auctioned soon with 50% of proceeds going to charities winners select.

our Ways to Profit from Keywords

  • 1. Own a keyword by winning it in an Auction - Be seen by shoppers worldwide to increase branding, sell products and services or assign the keyword to other businesses to create a revenue stream.
  • 2. Business Temporary Lease Program - Lease a keyword for $20/month until it is auctioned. At auction your business receives 20% of the proceeds with the ability to designate an additional 20% to a charity of your choice on Feebee.
  • 3. Become a Success Agent - Keyword contests are created and run by Success Agents who receive 5% of every keyword auction. These contest will pick the winners and their charities who receive the auction proceeds.
  • 4. Become a Celebrity on the Global SmileHighway or any National SmileHighway worldwide - Each celebrity is assigned one keyword for helping to create smiles, featuring charities important to them and their visions of a better world. This keyword will be entered in a contest and an auction. The celebrity will receive 20% of the proceeds and select one charity to receive an additional 20% of the proceeds.

Keywords Will Be Auctioned to Raise Money for Charities Around the World

Feature 1
Corporations Help Raise Money for your Charities
Feature 2
Celebrities Help Further Important Causes
Feature 3
Charities can add a Corporate Sponsor or Celebrity to qualify for an auction
  • Active Premium Business Accounts can bid to win Keywords
  • Corporations or Celebrities on the SmileHighway may sponsor a keyword auction
  • A Sponsor designates the charities to receive the auction proceeds

Charities can qualify in these simple steps:
1. Be a recognized official charity in their country of origin.
2. Be sponsored by a Corporation or Celebrity on the Smile Highway.
3. Be an active account on the Feebee system.
4. Apply for a keyword to auction as soon as steps 1-3 are completed. Its that easy!

Now is the time to grab a keyword and get ready to raise money for charities worldwide. It is our hope that every corporation or celebrity will combine with a charit(ies) to help them raise money today. These keywords are very valuable. Imagine a business owning the keyword "hotel" "rental" or "investment" and being seen in every search worldwide every day -- forever.

Fifty percent (50%) of proceeds will go to the charities attached to that keyword auction. There will be ten (10) winners from a keyword contest that will win twenty five percent (25%) and five percent (5%) will be assigned to the Success Agent overseeing the keyword contest.<br/> The business leasing the keyword will receive ten percent (20%) and the final five percent (5%) will be assigned to the sponsor of the business.<br/> Celebrities on any smilehighway will receive twenty percent (20%) of the one keyword assigned to them with their sponsor receiving the final five percent (5%).<br/> Every keyword auction will benefit up to thirteen (13) charities selected by the contest winners and participants.

Apply to Become A National or Global Celebrity

Shoppers Earn SmileMiles to move down these SmileHighways

Global Highway

Global Highway

Every shopper is on the Global highway. Billions of people can help support massive charity projects that these companies will create. Stop, meet and learn about these worldwide difference makers.

National Highway

National Highway

Every shopper in a country will be on their National Highway. Millions of people can help support local charity projects these companies will create. Support your communities and work with the businesses supporting you.

Celebrity Highway

Celebrity Highway

Everyone will be on the Global Highway and each country has its own National Highway. Meet great people at each mile marker. Learn about charities they represent and how they want to help the world.

Rapid Growth Opportunity for SmileHighway Sponsors

Every shopper on Feebee will be able to enjoy and meet the corporations and celebrities that sponsor the smilemarkers.

There are billions of people that will be joining feebee from around the world. Every one of them will be on the Global and Celebrity Highway.

The National Highway is for the people living in that country only. Every country will have its own National Highway.

Whether shoppers join today or tomorrow they have to pass each mile marker and will reach you eventually.This massive exposure can help your company to increase its branding and bottom line. Every sponsor can offer contests, jobs, deals and create charity projects.

Use this special opportunity to help strengthen your company and make your employees more productive and happy.

This can all translate into charity projects that will help shape the world and our futures. Business and industry is the key to leading change and innovation that we all need.

So basically, this is how it works:

  1. Global Growth - Sponsors wanting to change the world will request a SmileMarker. Get ready for all the shoppers by creating contests, deals and share your charity visions.
  2. The SmileHighway - Shoppers and employees will start creating smiles by giving out positive reviews. These reviews are personal and make people happy. Both the giver and receiver earn SmileMiles and will start moving down the Smile Highway and meeting sponsors.
  3. Positive Change - We will all become more positive and productive as we build our positive history on Feebee. People normally grumpy may start enjoying the positive feedback and become cheerful and excited. Negative reviews will slowly disappear with constant feedback. The world will become happier and more joyful.
  4. Charity Projects - Once our Feebee Charity Platform is launched, sponsors will be able to create projects we can all support. Follow each project to completion through pictures and videos for years to come from that sponsor's business page. Imagine millions of projects active worldwide helping all of us.
  5. Connection - We hope that the whole world will be on the Smile Highway together. Here we may learn to be more tolerable, learn about each other and work together for a common future.

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